"The road for an Arabian breeder never meets the horizon - it's an endless journey, observed by an eye that should be continuously refined. Some people have an eye for a horse, and some people don't... and this goes back to the beginning. It's chance, and I am lucky enough to have it," says Jane. "I'm still listening, looking and learning, and I still have an open mind.

"I love the Arabian horse. I have selected to breed horses of English and Russian origins, but it doesn't mean horses from other lines are not inspiring. An Arabian, of whatever bloodlines, that fill the eye, take your breath away, and excites the imagination, cannot be ignored. The bloodlines or country of birth are unimportant. It's the Arabian horse itself."

"During my years of looking at the Arabian horse, some of the ones that have 'filled my eye' are Nariadni (Russia and USA), Kyremi Illustra (Australia) and Mag (Russia, Holland and USA)."

a quiet moment...

A quiet moment in the desert in Abu Dhabi.