Over the years, many successful horses have been bought from or through Jane's Al Waha Stud, such as Maymunah (Ravlon Elijah x Maysuna), Qatar National Champion Mare; Nayef (Narim RASB x Bint Nevidal), British National Champion; Imad (Golden Cavalier x Ivory Wings); Namol (Mukomol x Ninia by Naslednik), second in the 1992 Emir's Cup race and Reserve Champion Stallion of Qatar in 1993; and Mujeeb (Narim x Mimoza by Mustang), Reserve Best Yearling at the 1993 British Nationals. "We not only sell our own horses, but we recommend horses that we have seen, arranging all the paperwork and transport," says Jane, "and their success gives us as much pleasure as if they were our own. It's very important when we sell a horse that it can do what the buyer wants it to do. We'd rather not sell, than sell a horse that's not suitable - mind you, the buyer often goes to the next stud and buys something totally inappropriate!

"We are now at the stage where we buy very few horses", comments Jane. "However, looking back at when a new horse has come to the stud, there is a four-year time gap between each purchase or lease. We started with Midnight Gold, then Narim and Gonorar. Quite accidentally with no thought of buying another stallion, I saw a weanling in Holland, bred at the Kossack Stud that arrived in England exactly four years after we bought Gonorar." Morjak is by Drug (Prizrak x Karinka by Aswan) and out of Mexicanka (Namek x Mexica by Aswan). "He came bouncing out of his box, tail over his back and said 'Here I am... aren't I just something else?' He has height, depth of girth, a wither, a level topline with a tremendous length of hip, the longest neck, superb limbs, fantastic movement, and a small head with beautifully expressive eyes." His pedigree is the icing on the cake: his sire Drug has won every major classic race in Russia, was European Racehorse of the Year and European Champion Stallion in the show ring. His dam, Mexicanka, was bred at Tersk and exported as a three-year old. Namek, her sire by Arax x Neposeda only had one foal crop of nine in Russia, five of them Classic winners. Neposeda is a full brother to Naturshitsa and Nemezida. Mexica (Aswan x Magnolia) is a full sister to Mig, Magnit, Marsianin and Mag.

"From the time Narim was imported - the first Russian horse to come to England for 20 years - we had comments directed at us such as, 'You are ruining the English bloodlines'," Jane adds. "I also had trouble mentally with the fact that some horses that were 'pure this' or 'straight that' were selling for a lot of money, but didn't look as good as some of my youngsters - this continued up to 1989. Mind you, I was still so new and wide open for that sort of comment that it was effective! It made me sit down and think seriously what route we were going to take - breed for the market, or breed what we liked to look at. 1989 was a year of thinking and talking, and I finally decided that I really couldn't bear to have a barn full of rinky-dink show horses that looked pretty posed in the ring, couldn't move a step, and fell apart when you looked at them at home. The choice seems to have worked."